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An authentic South American Steak House
Rancho Steakhouse offers a truly authentic South American Steak House dining experience in Poole. We have always strived to bring you the best quality steaks and cuisine, as well as the best service around!

An authentic steakhouse
Known affectionately by our many regulars as the South Coasts meat lovers paradise, we pride ourselves on offering steak and other foods that are cooked to perfection and exactly as you wanted them; each and every time!

Opening hours
We are open 7 days a week at the following times:
Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
12pm - 2pm 12pm - 10pm 12pm - 9pm
5pm - 10:30pm

The warmest of welcomes
Whether it is for a birthday meal or other family celebration or simply an excuse not to cook, we can assure you the warmest of welcomes at our South American steakhouse. Everyone on our team here at Rancho Steakhouse is fully committed to providing you with a truly memorable dining experience - so call today!
What's on the menu at Rancho Steak House?
All of the items on our menu use only the finest ingredients and can be cooked exactly as you like it. Our delectable range of starter dishes are the perfect way to begin your evening - and whet your appetite for what lays ahead!

Cooked just as you like
Our signature steak dishes can be cooked just as you like them:
  • Blue
  • Rare
  • Medium rare
  • Medium
  • Medium well
  • Well done
  • Black

A wide range of dishes in Poole
Just let your know server know which you prefer and your chef will ensure it is cooked just as you asked. Not keen on steak? Don't worry! Our steakhouse offers a wide range of other dishes too - from seafood dishes to vegetarian options, browse our main course menu today and see for yourself the great choice we offer!
Soup of the Day £4.25
Ask your server for today's choice
Nacho Dipper (Inc Gluten) £5.50
Tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & hot chilli sauce for dipping
BBQ Ribs (Inc Gluten) £5.75
Half a rack of baby pork ribs with a costa picante glaze
Pork Chorizo £5.95
Our special pork sausage served on a bed of crunchy green beans & cherry tomatoes
Gambas A l'parilla £6.50
Chargrilled shell on tiger prawns
Chilli Squid (Inc Gluten) £5.75
Tender strips of squid dusted with spicy Cajun seasoned flour & fried until crisp. Served with salsa
Chilli & Lime Crayfish Cocktail £5.50
Succulent crayfish in a light chilli & lime cocktail sauce
Mussels £5.75
Served in a rich tomato & chilli sauce
Hot Chicken Wings (Inc Gluten) £5.75
BBQ or hot sauce
Main Courses
Select one of the options below.

Chef's Specials
Chef's Specials
Steak Cut Chips £2.95
Baked Potato £3.50
Rice £3.25
Sautéed Mushrooms £5.50
Grilled Tomatoes with dressing £3.50
Onion Rings (Inc Gluten) £2.95
Garlic Bread (Inc Gluten) £2.50
Garlic Bread with Cheese (Inc Gluten) £3.50
Bread & Butter (Inc Gluten) £2.50
Rancho Sides
Sauté Chips £3.50
(Spicy garlic chips)
Sweet Potato Fries £4.50
(Spicy cajun dusting)
Creamy Mash Potato £4.95
Roasted Baby New Potatoes £3.95
Chorizo Rice with Spices £5.50
Wilted Spinach £3.95
Sautéed Green Beans with Tomatoes £4.25
Corn on the Cob £2.95
Asparagus with Alioli £5.50
Olives £1.95
BBQ Beans (Inc Gluten) £2.50
Coleslaw £2.50
Diane Sance (Inc Gluten) £1.50
Pepper Sauce (Inc Gluten) £1.50
Blue Cheese Sauce (Inc Gluten) £1.50
Chilli Butter £1.00
Chimchurri Butter £1.00
Rancho Kids Menu
Under 16's only.
Kid's Steak £9.95
4 oz. Rump Steak cooked to your liking served with French Fries & salad
Kid's Ribs (Inc Gluten) £9.95
1/3 of a rack of baby back pork ribs served with French fries & salad
Cheese Burger (Inc Gluten) £9.95
Served with French fries & salad
Chicken Nuggets (Inc Gluten) £9.95
Served with French fries & salad
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Steaks can be cooked to: Blue, Rare, Medium Rate, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done, Cremated.
Please ask the staff. Steaks served with salad garnish.
8oz 11oz 14oz
225g 300g 400g
Bife Lomo £18.75 £24.75 £31.50
Fillet (Tenderloin) - The tenderest cut of all
Bife Ancho £15.95 £19.00 £26.00
Rib Eye - A marbled sirloin with a tender skirt
Bife Augusto £14.95 £19.00 £26.00
Sirloin - With a belt of sweet caramelised juicy fat
Bife Cuadril £13.95 £16.50 £21.00
Rump - A uniquely lean & flavour some cut
16oz 26oz
450g 750g
Bife de Costilla £20.75 £32.95
T-Bone - On the bone short loin cut of Fillet & Sirloin
Larger weights available on request.
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Chef's Specials
Served with salad garnish & choice of potato.
Lomo de Churrasco 9oz/255g£26.00
Cuadril de Churrasco 9oz/255g£18.00
A specialist cut in a traditional garlic & parsley marinade leaving the meat tender & flavour some
Steak Mexicana £19.50
Rump steak dusted with spicy Cajun seasoning topped with chilli chutney
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Vegetariano £11.75
A mixture of vegetables served with rice, salad, guacamole, corn on the cob & onion rings
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Served with salad garnish & choice of potato.
Trio Rancho 11oz/300g£20.00
A combination of fillet, sirloin & rump
New York Rump 10oz/290g£16.75
Rump topped with two sunny eggs
Mar Y Pasto 10oz/290g£20.50
Surf & Turf
Sirloin topped with three grilled shell on tiger prawns
Gran Parraillada £20.75
Mixed Grill
The ultimate mixed grill of lamb cutlet, pork chorizo sausage, rump, sirloin, marinated chicken & corn on the cob
Plato Argentino £19.75
Lean rump & juicy sirloin (350g total)

Sint Maarten
Chicken    £16.25 Rump 6oz/170g £17.50
Baby back pork ribs with a choice of chicken
Adobo Chicken £14.25
Chicken breast marinated in garlic & herb, grilled & served on a bed of spinach & mushrooms
Chicken Caçadores £16.50
Chicken breast dusted with spicy Cajun seasoning topped with pepper & onion relish, bacon & Mexican chilli cheese
Lamb Duo Rancho (Inc Gluten) £21.15
Combination of grilled lamb cutlets & slow cooked lamb stew with white beans, artichoke & chimichurri
Hot Chicken Wings (Inc Gluten) £14.95
BBQ or hot sauce (9 Piece)
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One rack of baby back pork ribs served with a dressed side salad & your choice of potato or rice.
Choice of toppings:
Caribbean (Inc Gluten) £17.00
Sweet Glaze
Rancho (Inc Gluten) £17.00
BBQ (Inc Gluten) £17.00
Smoky BBQ
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Sizzling skillet of filling.
Served with soft tortillas, guacamole, salsa & sour cream.
Chicken (Inc Gluten) £14.95
Steak (Inc Gluten) £15.95
Vegetable (Inc Gluten) £11.95
Mixed (Inc Gluten) £16.95
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All of our burgers are 100% beef steak mince, freshly handmade on site every day.
Served with steak chips.
Cheese & Bacon Burger £11.75
Topped with cheese & smoked bacon
Bistro Burger £10.95
Topped with parmesan cheese & mushrooms
Rancho BBQ Burger £10.95
Topped with cheese, onion rings & BBQ sauce
Black & Blue Burger £10.95
Burger with spicy Cajun seasoning & strong blue cheese
Chicken option of the burgers available on request.
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All served with rice or chips. Dishes may contain small bones.
Salmon Salad £16.50
Baked Salmon with a sweet honey & mustard glaze served on salad with diced cucumber, olives & dill
Peruvian Spiced Cod £16.25
Baked Cod fillet with spicy pepper & onion relish served with salad
Sea Bass £17.50
Whole grilled sea bass in dry rub marinade of paprika, oregano & garlic with thyme sprigs, lemon & a drizzle of olive oil
Zarzuela £16.95
Select Salmon fillet, king prawns, squid strips & tangy tomato & cream sauce
Todos Gambas £15.95
Nine chargrilled shell on tiger prawns covered in garlic & parsley marinade served with a light salad
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Tomato Salad £5.45
A selection of tomatoes & red onions tossed in lemon vinaigrette
Chicken & Chorizo Salad £8.95
Diced marinated chicken & spicy chorizo served on a bed of fresh salad
Ecuadorian Steak Salad £9.95
Slices of beef on a fresh salad with honey & mustard dressing
Caesar Salad £5.95
Caesar Salad with Chicken £7.95
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